If you are interested in joining us please send your CV and a covering email describing your interests and motivations to Jenny. We are happy to work with postdoc applicants to apply for fellowships and we can sometimes offer short term salary support. PhD students usually join the lab via studentships from external funders and Masters students applying for an MPhil typically self-fund.

The lab has trained 10 postdocs, 3 PhD students, 1 MPhil student, 2 research assistants and many summer, Part II and Part III Biochemistry students. Previous postdocs and students have moved to further research positions in academia as postdocs, scientific officers and group leaders, as well as medicine, industry, clinical trials, data science and government/policy.


Since 2011, Jenny’s work has been funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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We have also previously been supported by a European Research Council Starting Grant and Equipment and Bridging grants from the Issac Newton Trust.

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