Discovering how proteins and lipids control the actin cytoskeleton, from biophysical mechanism to molecular behaviour in organisms


  • March 2021:

    Congratulations to Uli, Iris, Yoshiko, Hanae and most of the lab from the past 10 years! Key theory collaboration with Ben Simons and Edouard Hannezo. We were puzzled for a long time about how actin regulatory proteins work together to make filopodia and filopodia-like structures: our new paper describes what we found and our latest models.

  • February 2021:

    Our video abstract of our translational work on Lowe syndrome/Dent disease 2 from Berquez, Gadsby, Festa et al, 2020 launches on the Gurdon Institute youtube channel [link]. Thanks to Marine and Paola, we also have subtitles in French and Italian. See Jenny’s previous video for the biology origins of the work!

  • January 2021:

    Welcome to our new postdoc Tom and Part II student Kazimir. We try out Gather to help everyone get to know each other and finally enjoy virtual coffee with Uli.

  • September 2020:

    Our latest paper is out! Fantastic collaboration with Olivier Devuyst’s lab at the University of Zurich. Alpelisib rescues actin phenotypes and endocytic uptake in OCRL deficient cells and improves proteinuria in the mouse model of Lowe syndrome/Dent disease 2. Featured by Business Weekly, Cambridge Network and EurekAlert.

  • August 2020:

    We’re expanding! Pankti our new research assistant starts and we are hiring a new postdoc.

  • June 2020:

    Exciting finding in Cell from Krogan, Grosse and colleagues in COVID lockdown - filopodia are produced by SARS-CoV2 infection, Jenny comments on