Discovering how proteins and lipids control the actin cytoskeleton, from biophysical mechanism to molecular behaviour in organisms


  • August 2020:

    We’re expanding! Pankti our new research assistant starts and we are advertising for a new postdoc see advert

  • June 2020:

    Exciting finding in Cell from Krogan, Grosse and colleagues in COVID lockdown - filopodia are produced by SARS-CoV2 infection, Jenny comments on

  • March 2020:

    We say goodbye to Uli who is continuing his theoretical work at DAMPT in Cambridge, looking forward to a socially distanced coffee soon!

  • February 2020:

    Grant and publication success! Jenny starts her Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship and our paper applying phage display phenotypic screening to filopodia-like structures with AstraZeneca Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering is accepted at Journal of Cell Biology.

  • April 2019:

    Uli gives a seminar talk at Virginia Tech in the US and an invited talk at the British Applied Maths Colloquium in Bath.

  • March 2019:

    Pantelis goes to the Advanced Optical Microscopy course at the Plymouth Marine Biological Association.