Discovering how proteins and lipids control the actin cytoskeleton, from biophysical mechanism to molecular behaviour in organisms


  • January 2024:

    Congratulations to Tom, Helen, Vasja, Adam and Julia on our latest paper accepted in Journal of Cell Science. Inspiring collaboration with Gaudenz Danuser and Roshan Ravishanker @ Danuser lab and UTSW-UNC Center for Cell Signaling Analysis

  • November 2023:

    Fantastic collaboration with the Lowe Syndrome Association co-creating a set of videos on experiences of Lowe syndrome with crucial advice from Paul James. Families, Researchers and Patient Advocacy Groups.

  • October 2023:

    Welcome to Marialena, starting her Part III project in the lab

  • September 2023:

    Congratulations to the whole lab for winning the Gurdon Institute Public Engagement Prize! Thanks to Nat and Helene for their public engagement prowess and creating a video for us, patient-researcher interactions are key in rare disease research! Lowe Meeting video

  • June 2023:

    Wonderful to organise a get-together of the Lowe syndrome research community in Pozzuoli, Italy. Check out the meeting website:

  • March 2023:

    Special visit by Oscar and Andrew Thomas from the Lowe Syndrome Trust, sharing experiences and working together to promote research.